Sunday, 15 July 2018

Bring out your inner chemist tutorial!


I'm on a cleanup and tidy mission which is huge in scope.
I feel like my studio quietly groans each time I bring something else in.
I often manage to find a place and then promptly forget where it is.

Do I see you nodding your head in agreement?

When I had to wriggle and shove one of the embossing powder drawers the other day,
I began investigating.
The state of some embossing powders was very sad indeed.

This was one of those craft show bargain bulk buys.
It's now hard and uninspiring.

As it happened the night before we had emptied
 a store filled pepper grinder.
Definitely looking at that grinder was an aha moment.
Next came the lab coat (not) and a lot of experimentation began.

I ground up the old gold embossing powder.
Looking at it I knew it would need a bit of help.

I added some Pearl Ex powder to the mix.

Then I began to empty a few of the embossing vials 
that had only a little powder left.
In all there were about five colours and textures,
which I layered into one of the empty vials.

Earlier in the day I had been talking to a delightful customer from Leura,
an area of my early adult times that I loved.

I have surprise gifted her,
her own unique embossing powder.
Not even Chemist Julie can remake it exactly!

Here it is embossed on white and black cardstock.
I love the subtle blue flashes, particularly on the white.

Before I knew it an hour had disappeared.
Of course the bonus is one empty shelf.
Twisting around in my imagination
are a whole lot of possibilities!

If my tutorial inspires you to experiment with your embossing powders
I would love to see what you do.
Why not share your creations with me over at
Time To Create Your Way Facebook Page?

Until next time happy experimenting.

Don't forget your entry to Rhedd's Creative Spirit July Challenge.
There's a fortnight to release your creative spirit and play.

Julie Short


Judy McKay said...

Great tutorial Julie. I need to go play in my craft room too.

Gina said...

Oh this is a great idea! I have mixed bits i the past *scraped up spillage* but never thought to deliberately combine the colours! :D XXX

Gina said...

*trouble I NEED to go buy more embossing powders to experiment with lol* XXX

Lys Scrap said...

Such a great idea, very inspiring!

Julie Short said...

Thank you Lys!