Tuesday, 15 August 2017

August Tutorial

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August Tutorial

Hello, it's Julie!
It's tutorial day.
I hope you enjoy my experiments.

I enjoy adding decor pieces to our home.
Do you?

We have been renovating our home over the past 4 years.
It's gone from country style 
to a lot sleeker with a Moroccan feel.

The decor change began with this gorgeous light.

After distress finishing the dining table recently with chalk paint,
I bought a bowl,

then I made a canvas runner,
which I shared with you on August 1st.

I loved it
So I've added placemats.


Please let me know if you were inspired to try this process yourself.
I would love your feedback.

What's next?
We are remodelling outside now too!
It's fantastic what you can do with little money but a
lot of imagination.

Until next time 


Mia said...

What a great video! Thank you for sharing, my friend! You inspire me! I will definitely try it!

Julie Short said...

Thank you Mia for your feedback. Have fun with this idea.