Tuesday, 15 March 2016

March Tutorial

             March's challenge can be found HERE

Hello's Sandie here aka Rhedd....and its my turn to share a tutorial with you all.
I hope you will be inspired by it.....

                                           Altered Dominoes
Some time ago I bought a set of crystalline dominoes...I just love the cold feel of them and they are as near as possible to original dominoes which were made of ivory. I have used the black plastic type ones, which are smaller and also mdf ones, which again are smaller than the original dominoes, none of which worked out that well for me to be honest.
              For the purpose of this tutorial I have altered 3 Dominoes.

I got my grandson to drill some holes in a few dominoes, you really need a strong hand and a vice, which I haven't got. I removed the spinner from the black line.

            Using a selection of Alcohol Inks I coloured the dominoes.
 The pinky coloured one, I lightened with blending fluid at it was too dark for the stamp I wanted to use.
 I selected the bales and screw eyes for the chain and other embellishments for decorating.

Using waterproof ink I stamped the images I wanted on two of dominoes, taking care not to press too hard as the stamp will slide and blur the image...note.... the image on the light domino looks blurred, that is the style of image on the stamp and not caused by me pressing to hard.

Using mod podge I adhered an image to one of the dominoes, once dry I went over the whole image to seal it.

                           Here I have added some glitter, gems and keys.

                             I coloured the edges with black marker pen.

   I coated all the domino fronts with glossy accents (take care not to fill in the holes) and left these overnight to completely dry.

Once these were dry I embellished them.
You will need to add some strong glue to any eyes that you screw in to the domino, leave it to dry, it needs to be secure as it takes the weight of the hanging embellishments.

I used E600 glue for the screw eyes and the bales...make sure you have good ventilation while using that glue.

I am really pleased with how these can embellish with as much or as little as you wish.

Many Thanks for dropping by...would love to hear your comments...x


Carol said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your dominoes - GORGEOUS xxx

Kris said...

They are looking gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Julie Short said...

These are lovely Sandie! I have a packet of dominoes that just look at me , unaltered and lonely!

Jane Royston said...

They are gorgeous! 😄

Nan Bourdeu said...

Getting the dominoes out right now! LOL well, in a few minutes or so :) Love these Sandie you amaze me! xx

Sammy said...

These are absolutely brilliant Sandie! Love them! x

kim TangledBlueRose said...

These are amazing! Love them lots, soooo pretty!~kim

Mylissa Stout said...

Sammy...these are lovely pieces you have created! I really like them!

Priyanka Mathur said...

What a fabulous transformation!! Just love them :)