Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rupa's Mid Month Tutorial

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Hello crafty friends..
How about some ART THERAPY today?? I am going to share a tutorial on how I made some fabric heard me right...fabric out of construction paper!
This is going to be a looooong post...I said therapy right, sit back, relax and enjoy the session.
Here is a link to the original by Barb Owen but I have modified it a bit according to the supplies I had and I am very HAPPY with the final outcome. It sure is MUST give it a try.

Materials required
Construction paper
Oil pastels or kids wax crayons also would do
Acrylic colors of your choice, metallic colors, mists and pens
Background stamps, stencils, Archival ink black, white gel pen
Americana Decoupage for fabric, white muslin cloth, some tulle or net fabric
Step1-  Draw some random patterns on the CP with crayons and stencils. You can also do some free hand doodling or geometric patterns. Remember to leave some white space.
Step2 – Choose acrylic colors of your choice and water it down. Apply a watery coat of the colors and its amazing how the crayons resist the color. The beauty is that the acrylics become permanent when dry.
Step3- get some metallic colors. I have used gold here...I watered down that too. Apply randomly. I misted some Lindy’s gold too and some shimmer dust here  and there. The camera seems to ignore that here, lol!
Step4- How about some stamping now? I did some random text and flowers with Archival inks. I also did some doodling with white gel pen and some circles with gesso and a small paint cap. 
The mixed media background is ready!
Now comes the beauty of making this paper fabric! Here is where I modified it a bit.
Step5- I gave a nice coat of Americana Decoupage for fabric and then placed a piece of white muslin to the size of the paper. 
I smoothed it out and then waited for it to dry completely. Then misted some water on the top of the CP and scrunched it up!
 Yes, scary but that’s THERAPY! Repeat this s a few times and finally iron out the’s amazing how after this the paper...oops, fabric becomes so pliable!

 - Some sandwich after this THERAPY? That’s what I did a layer of beige tulle fabric on the top! You can choose any color you wish or even some sheer organza fabric. I applied some fabric decoupage and placed the net. 

I then sandwiched it between newspapers and ironed it. Voila...the net is almost transparent and it all looks and feels like a piece of cloth now!
Your custom, uniquely hand designed fabric is ready! That too from construction paper...I loved this project so much, I made another piece too.
I dusted out my sewing machine after a long time and enjoyed every bit of my lost and found passion! I have done some multi colored zig zag patterns all around the edges. I have also done some free hand pattern sewing on the top like a all the 3 layers are intact!
With such a pretty fabric, I couldn’t think of making anything else but THIS....
A junk journal for my daily dose of creativity and some matching book marks from the excess I cut out!
 My signature beaded charm hangs from the spine. 
I have fixed one fat signature with scraps of PP, printed paper, paper from an old diary, some tuck spots from old mail envelopes and a zip lock cover too. I was also successful at my first attempt of pamphlet stitching for the signature.I wanted everything cos this is going to by daily buddy!
I have used some thick cotton rope as a wrap around closure. I have hand dyed it with same set of acrylic colors. The place where the wrapping starts has a small loop to hold a pen or pencil too! Well that’s one thing that I always misplace and made sure it stayed put with my buddy here!
For the other end of the closure, I die cut some hearts with Sizzix die. I have used scrap denim and canvas cloth for the hearts. Some blanket stitching to make the pillow hearts...all cushioned up! 
They look pretty dangling from the front cover!
The alphabet cubes are using Hero Arts stamps and I wanted the journal to be named ART THERAPY cos I cant do without this now, lol!
That’s it friends, thank you so much for being with me thru this therapy. I hope you enjoyed this and would give it a try and if you do, pl share your creations. BEWARE...its addictive!
Until my next Creative Journey,
Happy Crafting and recycling.


Remya Sreekanth said...

Wow Rupa ... This is Sooo Awesome ... Loved every bit of it ..

Riswana Fathima said...

Wow that's one awesome transformation Rupa :) The colors are lovely & the cushion hearts are super cute.. loved every bit of this wonderful tute post.. TFS.. :)

butterfly said...

A great tutorial for a fabulous project.
Alison x

Mridula Hegde said...

Amazing.. loved every inch. I am definitely gonna try this Rupa.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is such an awesome art journal! TFS I can't wait to try this!

Rupa S said...

Thanks Remya. ..glad you enjoyed the therapy session. Hugs.

Rupa S said...

Thank you so much Rizwana. .hope you get to try it. Hugs.

Rupa S said...

I so appreciate your feedback Alison. ..I know these are your favourite colors! Thanks s bunch.

Rupa S said...

You must Mridula and Pl do share your creation. That's when the therapy is complete! Thanks and hugs.

Rupa S said...

Thank u so much. ..Pl do share what you made. Would love to see it. Hugs.

Toni said...

Rupa... this is brilliant... didn't realize how easy this would be, I'm definitely going to have to try this ! Thank you for sharing the process and providing great photos !

Julie Short said...

I love this Rupa. It's another pabric version that I have not tried! I don't mind and i'm sure nor do you that crafting is addictive but I do think we should all try to actively spread the enthusiasm like the common cold!

Suman Pandit said...

This is wonderful Rupa, hope to try soon :) love the tutorial, you have made it so do-able !!

Priyanka Mathur said...

Wow!! Wow!! This paper fabric is looking amazing!! Thanks for the tutorial. Will try it soon :)

Rupa S said...

Thanks Toni. ..I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Hope you have a good time too.

Rupa S said...

Oh! You must try thus Julie. .It feels just do fabricy in the end. May the common cold spread! Hugs my friend.

Rupa S said...

Thanks Suman. .give it a try and do share.

Rupa S said...

Thanks Priyanka. ..enjoy making it and do share.

Maike from Maikreations said...

Awesome project and great tutorial! I think I will give this technique a try and maybe you just gave me the best idea for some christmas presents! Thank you so much and happy crafting ;o) Maike

Julia S-W said...

Love your tutorial Rupa. Full of great ideas and a wonderful finished piece. Juliax

Rupa S said...

Thanks and that's wonderful Maike. Hope you enjoy making your Xmas presents. Would love to see them. Hugs.

Rupa S said...

Thank you so much Julia. ..glad you enjoyed this one.