Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mid month tutorial by Sammy

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Hello all, Sammy here with your Rhedd's Mid-month tutorial.

This month, I chose to take an MDF box, and turned it into this:

So, first of all, I grabbed the blank:

And then the first step was to cover the whole thing, inside and out, with gesso

Step two, was to choose what colour I wanted to play with. I settled on a light yellow-ish, which claimed it was "almond"...

After painting it all in my chosen colour, and leaving it to dry thoroughly, my third step was to seal the entire box with Glue N' Seal.

Step four. I chose a pretty paper - A script one (at this point I had already decided I wanted to make a sewing themed box, but I went through my entire stash and found I didn't have ANY sewing-related paper at all! Obviously I'm still a rank amateur and need to go back to craft stash hoarding school!) - and then I distressed the edges with Vintage Photo distress ink.

Step 5 involved sticking the paper onto the box with multi medium...

Step 6. I took a dress form (from Fernli Designs) and painted it in the same almond paint, then chose a stamp and stampted it randomly over the shape.

I then made a little skirt and added a small piece of a string of pearls as a necklace.

The next step (are we on 7 now?) Was to add the same leaf stamped pattern on the lid, and then I set to decorating it, using sewing themed embellishments. And the dress form, propped up slightly with a small wooden bobbin.

Not to forget the buttons, naturally!

Step 8.  Lace and ribbon to wrap around the box, and lots of pretty embellishments.

And the box is finished!

The box is now in the possession of the director of the charity I volunteer for. She was kind enough to sew some of my daughter's wood elf costume (which she is currently wearing!), so as a thank you, I made her this box, which she said she loved.

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial. Don't forget to come and play along with us in our challenge this month!

Have a fantabulous day!



Sandra Wright said...

Fab project Sammy...Great tutorial..xx

Rupa S said...

So pretty and what a thoughtful gift, Sammy. I loved the dress form and the subtle colors you have chosen. said...

Sammy what an adorable box. Love the embellishments you used to enhance it and this is going to be so much fun for you to keep some sewing trinkets in.

Julie Short said...

Your box is now a lovely keepsake Sammy!

vrajangna patel said...

Beautiful especially the dress made using net.

Amy A said...

Really pretty Sammy. Love the skirt on the dress form and all the pretty embellishments! Xx