Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mid Challenge Tutorial by Julie

                  January's Challenge is HERE
Hello it's Julie here!
I find creating and making soothes my soul.
Let me tell you about this make which began when I visited my Super Star in his shed.
I was there to tell him that one of our beloved dogs was seriously ill in hospital - not expected to recover!
Anyways in the talking and the not crying I spied this very old and battered framed picture.

I knew that I would not be able to concentrate so playing with paint, ink and paper was a good plan.

Super Star helped me to remove the glass and the nails which were very rusty.

I work with manila folders as table protectors. When they are messy and interesting, they then become the perfect background for experimentation for all sorts of projects.

This one has a gessoed stencil background and then it was painted with diluted Viva Decor Modeling Creme

This is a muslin fabric paper piece which was stencilled with the Modeling Creme and then pounced and pounded with alcohol inks - excellent tension release!

The third piece took a bit more. It has been painted with Viva Decor Chalky Paint.
Then I drizzled white glue over the paper and left it overnight to dry.

I then used Rubbing Alcohol to vigorousy rub away some of the top layers.
To enhance the texture I rubbed Viva Decor Inka Gold over the raised areas and polished.

Inspired by the blue scrap of marbled paper I saw the piece develop as "Flow."
I got out some of my Time To Create Treasure pieces and snipped and rehearsed and glued for quite some time. Normally I create in snips and snatches between the many tasks that are needed each day but this was "Anxiety Creating".
When I was happy with where everything went I glued it all down.

Then I began the detailing process. When I work on a piece of this size I often step away and view it from a distance.

The entire piece was put onto a piece of textured vinyl which I rubbed and coloured with Distress Inks.
To make the background come together I created dimension with Viva Decor Pearl Pens - concentrating when using these is advised!

The frame then received attention. It was lightly rubbed down and then Viva Decor Ferro which has an interesting gritty texture was smeared on in a random way that pleased me.

It was now time to step away. As I had been creating "Flow" I knew exactly where I wanted it to go.

Here it is with some recently completed pieces. This is above our TV so when I get to sit and relax there sometimes, I enjoy that all the art you see has been altered and upcycled by me for our newly renovated home.

In case you are wondering our lovely Bella came home eleven days later. She is still convalescing and has no idea that she inspired a make that I enjoyed creating.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

January's Challenge

Happy New Year Everyone, we hope you all have a great 2015

Welcome to our January Challenge...we have a new design team, so a warm welcome to....
                            Julie, Laine, Rupa and Stefanie.
You will notice Sammy Jean is still on the team, she is also in admin, which is great.

We are now going to post a mid challenge tutorial each month, especially written by one of the team...I'm so looking forward to having this feature added to the blog.
The winner of each challenge will be offered the opportunity to be  Our Guest Designer.

We also have a choice of  a Winners' Badge as well as our Guest Designers Badges for you to add to your blog. 

      As always our challenges are monthly and there is no theme, but your entry must  be
                      Altered Art / Mixed Media only

Please be mindful of our rules, which can be found under our header...there is a slight change,   you can now enter as many times as you like, as long as it is altered art / mixed media and you can now combine your entry with up to 20 other challenges.
Each entry must be a separate post on your blog.

We hope you find some inspiration from our talented design team.....

                                             Altered A5 ring binder

                                                 Altered Clock

Altered Bottle

Altered Tin

                                                  Julie Short

       This picture hung in my childhood home for all the time I can remember.
        We unearthed it from the shed. Come and see what I did to it on the 15th January!

                                                     Altered Box