Saturday, 15 September 2018

Use, recycle, reuse! (and have fun)

Hi ! Lys here again.

You can still enter our September Challenge!

For the moment, I have a tutorial for you.
If, like me, you hoard these paper bags from shops, just-in-case-it-can-be-useful-some-day… or maybe because they are lovely and it would be a pity to discard them, or because there is a beautiful ribbon on it… But if you make a pile and that’s all, because you’re stopped by the brand printed on it… You can’t remove it and you wonder how to make it disappear? Let’s bet I can help you to see these bags with new eyes, and give them a new life!
There’s an invitation on the bottom of the bag, so let’s go!

Why not getting ahead and thinking about Christmas bags to wrap your future gifts?
These are some examples of what you could make, whatever the bags you have home.

You can start with a kraft paper bag, like this one, very simple but nearly covered by prints.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them!)
1 - Cover each side with white Gesso, giving this coat a rough shape of a Christmas tree…

2-  Add splashes of green and ochre paintings with a brayer.
3 - Gather bits and bobs, scraps of papers and embellishments which would fit your scene.
4 – Cut strips of a book page, and glue them to accentuate the shape of the tree. 

5 – Add pieces of washi tape.
6 – Ink the edges of your embellishments.
7 – Make an arrangement of all the pieces, and when you’re happpy with it, glue them.
8 – Add spritz of Gesso for the finish.

Et voilĂ !

If you prefer a more clean and simple project, choose an elegant bag like this one:

And play on the colours and contrast.

1 – Choose a black cardboard that covers completely the prints of the bag.
2 – Cut the edges with a floral or elegant design punch.
3 – Glue a few embellishments according to the theme.

Et voilĂ !

You’ll always find a bag which fits any occasion: your taste, your crafting style, the kind of gift you make or the recipient’s taste!

Happy crafting everyone!