Wednesday, 15 August 2018

When you can't find it - Make IT!

It's Julie with our mid month tutorial.


There's great excitement at our Studio.
The lovely Tracy Scott, designer and teacher from PaperArtsy
will be teaching a wonderful colour workshop on 16th August.

I love this set of stamps.
I wanted to try something different
so I decided I 
NEEDED ( as you do)
a necklace.

On thin copper I stamped and embossed the flower and two leaves.

I close cut the images and smoothed them a little with an emery board.

Then I stitched all the edges with embroidery floss.
Tip - make the needle hole first
It makes it easier to push through.

I then stitched beads up the centre of the petals and the leaves.

I cut a second piece of felt and glued it to the backs of each piece.
Trimming where needed.
Tip - Felt is quite forgiving and can be pushed into shape a little.

Next I tested the placement.
When happy I stitched a few stitches very close to the petals.
Tip - go up a needle size or two as you are now stitching through a number of layers.

It's easy to gently bend the copper to suit your neck.

Then the fun began!
I painted with Vintaj Metal paint initailly!
I wasn't quite satisfied so I added a little acrylic paint too 
in a couple of places.
When this dried I go tout the Nuvo Pearl Drops
and highlighted the stamp design.

To finish I painted over the piece with Vintaj Glaze.
Sari Ribbon became the fastening.
To the knots I added tiny leather "strings"

What a satisfying make this was. 
Of course many other ideas floated in and out.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
Never be afraid to step out of the creative box.
In fact you might just enjoy standing on it!
Until Next Time