Tuesday, 15 November 2016

November Tutorial by Julie

Novembers challenge is HERE

Hello and thanks for dropping by.
A delightful aspect of mixed media art is that anything can start the creative process.

The recent passing of my father has presented me with so much to deal with.
Packing up a home of 25 years - there's a lot.

Amongst the many tools I was attracted to some things that were meaningful to me.
Dad's tool are all engraved with the same roman numerals assigned to him as an apprentice.
I also pulled out an old invoice with his signature.
I found one tool that I love. Read on to find out why.

Dad created longstitch designs, hand knotted rugs and cross stitch to relax.
You can often find these at Op Shops and Garage Sales.
The design is turned sideways to get me started.
Here's what I did.

Remove the picture from the frame. 
Note if there needs to be the same placement  of the frame for a good return fit.

Pounce gesso over the surface.
Caution - don't use anything too wet!

Already I loved the texture!
There's another idea brewing for some of the other longstitch pieces!

I rehearsed the placement. Do you do that?
I try to leave important makes overnight before committing to the glue.

Also test with the frame in place.
Then GLUE - my glue of choice for this was industrial strength "Hard as Nails"
I left the squishy glue bits to add more texture.

Painting and colouring was intuitive.   No plan except to please me.
Using some transparent paint let the words show through.

Now I know this is a perfectly good frame but
I wanted it rougher.
A quick sand took most of the varnish off.

Here's the tool I found that is fabulous.
I used the rasp with abandon.
It was an excellent stress reliever!

There were also a few dings added with a hammer.
A half empty packet of upholstery tacks were randomly hammered into the frame
To colour the frame black gesso was rubbed on with a sponge.
This was rubbed back into the grooves and distress marks.

After the frame had dried it was waxed with a furniture wax and buffed with a soft cloth.

There was a small oops with the screwdriver.
It was too heavy to stay in place!
So scraps of copper wire and an awl soon solved that problem.

A last finishing touch was to add a touch of mark making
with a stencil and India Ink - it's the blackest!

We are on a mission to give as much as we can to individuals
and organisations that will use and enjoy the "stuff"
at Dad's place.
Yesterday a young man came to get timber and left with a whole lot of other treasure too.
His smile was awesome!


Sammy said...

Such a lovely piece Julie, and even more so as it's such a special, personal one. Your dad would LOVE this, I'm sure! x

Team Clark said...

Julie, this is fantastic and as cool as can be! The BEST upcycle! Thanks for today's healthy dose of inspiration. Hugs, Autumn