Thursday, 15 September 2016

September's Tutorial


                September's Challenge is HERE

Welcome to September's tutorial..I am Sandie aka Rhedd, owner of Rhedd's Creative Spirit and I am bringing you this months mid month tutorial...
                                                     The Tutorial...
A couple of months ago I was given a tissue box by a friend,she said she wouldn't use it as it was too heavy..and she was right, it is made from very thick MDF...

I gave the tissue box two coats of white gesso and one coat of white acrylic paint...and while that was drying I separated a napkin. The one I used was 3 ply, I kept the 2 top layers.
From the top layer of the napkin I will use the images for the top of the box and the second layer, where the images are lighter, I will be use for the sides of the box.

From the top layer of the napkin I tore around the images I wanted to use and set them to on side..I found it easier to tear if my finger tips were slightly damp,
I then did the same thing with the second layer of the napkin,

I  brushed some mod podge on the tops side of the tissue box where I was going to place the images. Then I added the images,smoothing very gently with a dry fan type paint brush and my fingers..please be very careful as the image can easily tear or crinkle at this stage..although in some cases the crinkling can look nice.
I also repeated that with the front and sides using the images from the 2nd layer of the tissue....
I then left the images to dry thoroughly.

When the images are completely dry, drop a little white acrylic paint on your craft mat and with a sponge,just dab around the edges of the image to blend it in a little..again leave to dry thoroughly.

I found a few rubber stamps that I wanted to use to add a post mark and some script to the tissue using green stazon I stamped on the top and around the sides of the box.

I could have given the tissue box 2 coats of mod podge to protect it..but I didn't, I actually used spray and shine because it leaves no brush strokes and providing you thoroughly dry in between coats, the finish is just as good and just as durable.I gave the box 3 coats of spray and shine.

I had some lovely ribbon and lace that I used to decorate the tissue box and I also made a pretty bow for the front..the centre is actually a brad that I had trimmed on the back and glued on to the bow.

That's it..all finished..all that was left for me to do was to add my box of tissues....
Thank you to all that read this to the end..would love to hear your comments...
Sandie..aka Rhedd....x

Thursday, 1 September 2016

September's Challenge

Hello Everyone, it's Sandie (aka Rhedd ) bringing you this months challenge post..and the mid month tutorial on the 15th September.
I apologise there was no mid month tutorial for August....I hope you weren't too disappointed.

Before I go any further I must announce the Winner & Runner up for our August Challenge.
We, myself and my design team were overwhelmed with the amount of talent and it was encouraging too that there were a few more entries.

                            No.45 Roshiniscrafts is our Winner

We have 2 Runners up this month...mainly because I couldn't decide between the two..and as it's my challenge blog..I can change the rules,lol.....
So here are they are.....
                            No. 39 Runner Up Alicia O'Bryant

                                           No.40 Pooja Sharma

Big congratulations sure to take you badges from the side bar to display on your blogs.
We hope you will still continue to enjoy entering Rhedd's Challenges.

Time is flying by and we only have a few months left this year for our year I have decided to go back to having our Winner as our Guest Designer, look out too for a few mid month tutorials. My team are a very talented bunch of girls and I am sure one or two would be more than happy to share the creation of their project with you...
Talking of my Design Team....just look at their creations this month, we do hope you draw inspiration from them...

                                   Sandie (aka Rhedd)

                                                    from this....

                                                    to this....

                                               Journal Cover



An empty liquor carton reaches my craft table to get transformed in to a lovely treasure box for a 7 year old princess.
Do visit my blog for all the details.


Remember to check back again on the 15th September to see my tutorial for using paper napkins to decorate my tissue box...